Government Orders/Notice/Circulars/Notifications/SRO /corrigendum

Date Order/Circular/Notification/SRO.No./Notice/Corrigendum Subject
03/02/2023 Government Order No: 33-JK(Edu)of 2023 Regulartization of I/C Lecturers in the displine of Political Science, Urdu, Physics and English in School Education Department.
02/02/2023 Government Order No: 32-JK(Edu)of 2023 Assiging of look after charge of Principals and equivalent to Senior Lecturers.
02/02/2023 Government Order No: 31-JK(Edu)of 2023 Placing of services of Smt. Sunita Gupta, Senior Lecturer History , HSS(B) R.S.Pura,Jammu.
25/01/2023 Government Order No: 29-JK(Edu)of 2023 CPSW No. 623/2017 in SWP No. 912/2003 titled Satyinder Kumar Vs J&K State & Ors.
25/01/2023 Government Order No: 28-JK(Edu)of 2023 Nomination of Content Administrator of the official website of School Education Department.
24/01/2023 Government Order No: 27-JK(Edu)of 2023 Temporary placement of PG Masters/Techers as I/C Lecturer in the displine of Chemistry.
17/01/2023 Government Order No: 25-JK(Edu)of 2023 Voluntary retirement case of Sh. Ashok Kumar, Masters,Government Higher Secondary School, Shama Chak,Zone Marh.
17/01/2023 Government Order No: 24-JK(Edu)of 2023 Voluntary retirement case of Sh. Girdhari Lal, Teacher, Grade-II Government PS Kotli Muffi, Zone RS Pura, District Jammu w.e.f 01.12.2022.
16/01/2023 Government Order No: 22-JK(Edu)of 2023 Nomination of Nodal Officer for Implementation of Top Class School Educaton Scholarship for OBC and other students ,PM Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme (PM YASASVI).
12/01/2023 Government Order No: 19-JK(Edu)of 2023 Appointment of Multitasking Staff (Orderlies) in the School Educaton Department District cadre Baramulla.
12/01/2023 Government Order No: 18-JK(Edu)of 2023 Appointment of Multitasking Staff (Orderlies) in the School Educaton Department District cadre Bandipora.
11/01/2023 Government Order No: 17-JK(Edu)of 2023 Assignment of Look-after of Chief Education Officers and equivalent.
10/01/2023 Government Order No: 15-JK(Edu)of 2023 Regularization/Promotion of Shri Prem Prakash Verma (Deceased) Retd. I/C Joint Director of School Education Department.
10/01/2023 Government Order No: 14-JK(Edu)of 2023 Har Ghar AKAM Souvenir Aur Stamp's Celebration.
10/01/2023 Government Order No: 13-JK(Edu)of 2023 Regularization/Promotion of I/C Principals and Sr. Lecturers as Principals and the post equivalent thereto in the School Education Department.
09/01/2023 Government Order No: 12-JK(Edu)of 2023 Attachment of In-charge Joint Director Elementary Education (EE) DSEK on Administrative grounds.
06/01/2023 Government Order No: 10-JK(Edu)of 2023 Appointment of Welfare Officer under Jammu and Kashmir Rehabiliation Assistance Scheme, 2022.
06/01/2023 Government Order No: 09-JK(Edu)of 2023 Regularizaton/promotion of I/C Chief Education Officer as Chief Education Officer and I/C Lecturer as Lecturers (Botany) in the School Education Department.
05/01/2023 Government Order No: 08-JK(Edu)of 2023 Final seniority list of PG Masters/Teachers in the discipline of Political Science as it stood on 01.01.2023.
05/01/2023 Government Order No: 07-JK(Edu)of 2023 Verification of Genuineness of School leaving/discharge certificate Constitution of Committee thereof.
05/01/2023 Government Order No: 06-JK(Edu)of 2023 Pariksha pe Charcha Appointment of Nodal Officer there of.
05/01/2022 Edu-HRM/45/2021-01(C.No.27563) Tentative Inter-se-Senioiry of Masters (Working/Worked as I/C Headmasters and equivalent.
04/01/2023 Government Order No: 05-JK(Edu)of 2023 Updated Final Seniority list of Headmasters and equivalent of School Education Department.
04/01/2023 Government Order No: 04-JK(Edu)of 2023 Assignment of the charge of post of the Joint Director Educaton (North) in Kashmir Division.
02/01/2023 Government Order No: 01-JK(Edu)of 2023 Acceptance of technical resignation.