1468 upgraded EGS centre redeployed as Primary Schools.

800 Primary Schools  under progress of upgradation to the level of Upper Primary Schools.

Engagement of 2936 ReTs under progress  in newly opened Primary Schools and 1600 ReTs in newly upgraded Primary Schools.

800  teachers under progress of promotion as Head Teachers in  newly upgraded  Primary Schools.

78 KGBVs made operational and one KGBV at MC Srinagar shall be made operational in March, 2010.

Out of School children reduced from  0.52 lac to 0.39 lac.

563 Model Cluster Schools made functional.

Assistive devices provided to 1357 CWSN by NGO’s.

443888 children provided free text books.  

330 CAL centres established.

Construction of 169 Primary Schools completed.

Construction of 53  Upper Primary Schools completed

Construction of 238  Additional Class Rooms completed

34963 teachers provided in-service teacher training

Learning Enhancement through Active Pedagogy (LEAP)  Programme launched in the state

20311 schools received School Maintenance Grant.

29001 schools received School Grant.

78904 teachers provided TLM Grant.

Seasonal Centres established for the migratory population.

1083 primary schools provided Teaching Learning Equipment (TLE) grant.

5301 RETs regularized as Teachers.

  • For quality improvement Key Resource Persons trained.



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